Community Outreach

dsc_0026Bowen encourages children to become involved and give back to the community through two very special events during the year – Thanksgiving Baskets and the Giving Tree. Children also learn about ties to our community through local field trips and school recycling.

Thanksgiving Baskets
Each year the children make three complete Thanksgiving dinners in collaboration with the St. John’s Sunday school for three families that otherwise would not be able to celebrate the holiday. St. John’s identifies the three families and delivers the baskets. Each class cooks a portion of the meal and parents donate the turkeys.

Giving Tree
Each January, Bowen children contribute a designated article of clothing (hats, mittens, underwear, socks) to a “Giving Tree”. These items are donated to a local shelter or charity such as Cradles to Crayons.

Annual Yard Sale
Each spring, Bowen hosts a huge yard sale which benefits the school and local charities through excess donations.