3-Day Class

The 3-Day program is designed as an “introduction” to the world of school. Highly creative activities and ever- changing choices are the basis for the 3-Day curriculum. Age appropriate skills, while often subtle, are embedded in the children’s activities. Play is the primary means by which children explore the world, investigate its properties, and build an understanding about how the world works. Kids who are experienced and competent at play are creative, confident, self-motivated¬†learners.

dsc_0089-2The goal of the 3-Day class is to foster a love of learning while also building a strong foundation for the years to come. The teachers work with the students to build a curriculum that is a reflection of the interests of those in the class. As the children work through this unique program, the teachers seek to develop the whole child and enhance their physical, social/emotional and creative growth. The 3-Day class is where our Bowen children first see themselves as active learners.

Daily Schedule
9:00 Arrival
9:10 Morning Meeting
9:15 Activity Time
10:15 Clean-up
10:20 Group Time
10:35 Snack Time
10:45 Story
11:00 Dress for Outside
11:10 Outside
11:30 Dismissal

dsc_0118The Bowen 3-Day class organizes its themes for the year based upon a seasonal design. Within this structure, teachers select specific topics based upon the interests, strengths and individual needs of the children in the class for that particular year. Themes are carried through to all of the interest areas in the classroom: art, drama, blocks, the discovery table and manipulative puzzles & games.

dsc_0130Examples of popular themes: Favorite stories, Colors, Shapes, Family, Seasons, People in our community, Zoo, Outer Space, Planting, Butterflies.

To get a further glimpse into the breath and vitality of Bowen’s classroom experience, here are a few samples of our weekly newsletter: Fall Newsletter, Winter Newsletter.