dsc_0204Pre-K acts as a bridge class that helps our students travel successfully from preschool to kindergarten. It is an ideal program for older 4s or young 5s who might need another year to develop socially or academically before moving on to kindergarten.

Pre-K is not just another year of preschool; our program is designed to give children the skills to tackle the challenges they will face in kindergarten. The children strive towards goals comparable to those in a kindergarten program, but work at a modified pace in a much smaller community of learners with a 7:1 child to teacher ratio.

dsc_0140Our Pre-K curriculum presents the children with many opportunities to develop self-awareness through problem solving and decision-making. It also fosters the growth of early literacy and math skills through activities that target listening, speaking, reading and writing. Socially, the Pre-K class emphasizes relationship-building and positive social interaction among children. Our Pre-K students find many opportunities throughout the day to discover the world and to interact with it creatively.

The teachers’ ultimate goal for the Pre-K class is clear: to challenge older preschool children academically and socially in a fun, nurturing way that fosters both independence and a sense of community.

dsc_0214Teachers work closely with individuals and small groups to foster the growth of early literacy, math, science, and overall social development. Two important class rules include everyone needs to try their best and to take their time so they can become exposed to new ideas and concepts. In a nurturing, supportive environment, Pre-K children are challenged, experience success, and sometimes frustration, but are always encouraged to find the self-confidence to move to the next level of learning.

Literacy Concepts

▪   letter recognition/formation
▪   initial sound recognition
▪   story sequencing and retelling
▪   journal and story writing

Math Concepts

▪   number recognition
▪   one-to-one correspondence
▪   basic addition and subtraction
▪   sorting
▪   graphing
▪   patterning
▪   geometry
▪   measurement

Daily Schedule

8:30 Arrival
8:45 Morning Meeting
9:00 Choice Time
10:00 Clean Up
10:15 Snack
10:45 Story and Group Lesson
11:00 Activity 
(journals, art projects, partner tasks, math/science, etc.)
11:30 Singing
11:45 Lunch
12:30 Outside
1:00 Dismissal

dsc_0299We also have additional class and school-wide activities during the week/month: music, movement, science, and a librarian.

Parents are a vital part of the classroom community in Pre-K and along with the school’s cooperative model commitment, parents are encouraged to participate in a variety of classroom activities throughout the year.