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Pre-K: Bb Week

Bb Week was for...

- Blueberry muffin making

- Berry taste test and graphing

- Build and Design activities - Creating shades of blue by mixing paints

- Book making at our "authors station". Students learned about the parts of a book and took their time throughout the week to author their first books.

- Expressions of blue. Students explored using a variety of blue materials and shades of blue to create works of art.

- Bowen Bakery in dramatic play

In Addition...

- Students worked together and challenged themselves to master some very difficult puzzles.

- Maryanne's family experimented with apple seeds in the fall and successfully got them to sprout. Karel helped friends plant seeds in cups for them to care for at home. Keep us posted on their progress!

- We used photos from my trip to Iceland to discuss the wonders of nature and define nature. Students were very inspired by a video of the Northern Lights so we created artwork to represent what they observed while watching the video.

- Writing About Reading: Chopsticks by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

- Our math work focused on strategies to help us solve addition equations. Students practiced 4 strategies (counting in head, count by drawing, count with counters, and count on fingers). Students were challenged to experiment with all strategies and then practiced the strategy that felt most comfortable to them.

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