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3-Day: Snapshot

We delayed our launch into outer space because we noticed how much fun 3-Day was having creating their own works of art. This week we encouraged them to make their own creations while looking at inspiration we provided. From vases of gerber daisies to pictures of Impressionist paintings, your children were prompted by nature and photographs and really loved exploring different media. It was fun watching them develop confidence in themselves as individual artists. Their work is displayed in the hallway and on the walls of our classroom. Each child tried something new, made individual masterpieces, and collaborated to make a beautiful work of art together.

This week, Emily and I stopped to observe the children at particular moments in time and here is what we saw:

ALEX created a train of wooden cars and is using force from the last car to move the rest.

CALEB has stacked several large blocks on the back of a pick up truck and is moving them to another part of the block area for the construction project.

MARLO is sorting buttons at the discovery table into shiny and not-so shiny.

MARIE-SOPHIE is getting dressed in a sparkly princess dress and wearing sunglasses.

ANNABELLE is examining the gerber daisy and noticing the dark brown and orange in the center of the yellow flower.

CAMILIA is in the dramatic play area getting ready to sit down at the table to enjoy the pretend birthday celebration.

MINNA works carefully placing colorful beads onto a twig secured in playdoh.

JAMES is preparing the food from the refrigerator and asking what his teachers would like to eat.

MIA used a green magic marker to enhance her still life, giving it a grassy background.

LUCAS worked with a friend to create a pattern of yellow green yellow green using colorful keys and rings.

MARGOT carefully secures the last pillar on her block castle.

NATE is carefully building a train track with trains in the block area.

WREN is making the bed for the babies in the dramatic play area.

ROBERT is enjoying a snack at the birthday party in the dramatic play area.

CONNOR is using the magnetic pen to carefully trace letters.

KAIA is helping her puppy find his bone in the dramatic play area.

This week we also had a special visit from Puddlestompers and learned all about the different sounds birds make. Brandy, Kaia’s mom, played several types of bird songs with her flute the same morning!

Thanks to all who came to enjoy the delicious Pancake Breakfast. It is one of the my favorite events at Bowen and I was so sorry to miss it! Emily and Nina said the children had a sticky sweet time!

Enjoy the photographs and have a wonderful weekend,

Karen and Emily

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