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Director's Column: Women's History Month

March is Women's History Month, and we will be introducing some accomplished women into our classrooms throughout the month. Pre-K studied the works of Georgia O'Keefe during K week. During their Outer Space unit, 3-Day will be talking abut Mae Jemison, the first African American woman in space. And for their Spring Fling wishlist, 5-Day has requested books that feature positive women role models. I took a trip to the library, and found some wonderful books that are perfect for preschoolers. I thought I would pass them along to you and your children! Mae Among the Stars Mae Jemison was born in 1956, in Decatur Alabama. From a very young age, she knew she wanted to "see the Earth from out there." Her story is a lesson in believing in yourself and working hard to achieve your dreams. Grace for President One day at school, Grace looks at a poster with all the presidents' pictures on it, and asks "Where are the GIRLS?" She decides to run for president of her school. Grace learns that the best MAN for the job is not necessarily the best PERSON for the job.

Malala's Magic Pencil Malala grew up in Pakistan, where she was told she could not go to school because she was a girl. She dreamed of having a magic pencil, which could draw things that would magically appear. She finds out that she does not need a magic pencil, her own words can make an ordinary pencil become magic.

Ada Twist, Scientist

Ada Twist is a curious girl, who is always asking questions. One day, her curiosity goes a little too far, and her parents try to put a stop to it. They soon learn that there is no containing a true passion. These are just a few of the books I found about women doing amazing things. We'd love to add more to our library! If you have any suggestions, please pass them along!



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