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3-Day on the Farm!

3-Day began our exploration of the farm this week. We were fortunate to use several items from the Bowen hoedown to help modify our dramatic play area into the 3-Day Farm complete with wooden horses, a big red barn, a vegetable stand and some fluffy farm animals. But the big news of the week is our twelve little chicken eggs warming in our incubator! The children did a great job observing with ONLY their eyes. We are hoping and wishing for a great hatch early next week and our chicks will live with us for a few days before we bring them to a real farm!

This week the children had the opportunity to plant herb seeds and we will continue the planting process into next week. Each child will have the opportunity to plant their very own grass seed for a silly activity we plan to surprise you with! We will talk about all the important things a plant needs to grow.

Children explored different animals at our table activities using Play-Doh and animal cookie cutters. We had a variety of bean seeds in our sensory table and children set up a farm with wooden animals within it. We worked on some measuring with Unifex cubes and fresh vegetables from the farm. Children used the cubes to measure the length of celery stalks, squash and asparagus.

We read some wonderful farm books and sang Old McDonald for Ms. Paula on Wednesday and we made our way from here to there "moo"ing, "baa"ing and "oink"ing through the hallways of Bowen.

Wednesday was quite a busy day! We celebrated Caleb's 4th birthday. It was also school picture day. We were sad to miss Stephen and Nate who were both out of school and not feeling well, but from what I observed, I think you will all be very happy with the photos Miss Diane took!

We finished up our Chicka Chicka Boom Boom letters and have been practicing for our performance on April 11th at 11:30. This is a very low key first "performance" at Bowen. We invite you to join us (if you are free) and have lunch bunch with us after the show. If you can't make it, please do not worry. We will ask someone to videotape it.

Lastly, please try to collect some baby food jars or small jars with lids so we can make our very own butter next week.

Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

Karen and Emily

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