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3 Day: Chicks!

What an exciting week in 3-Day! Our chicks hatched and we have been taking great care of them here in our classroom. Emily and I thought it might be fun to have the children name them. Here are some of their ideas:

Mia: Arna

James: Kamiku, Snowflake

Annabelle: Isabelle, Ella

Margot: Cupcake, Sophia Cupcake

Nate: Spiderman

Camilia: “A C Letter - Caroline”

Marlo: Sophia

Minna: Sophia

Lucas: The Yellow One

Wren: Piglet

Robert: Pepper

Caleb: Foofy

Marie-Sophie: Run

Connor: He is still thinking about it!

Alexander: Fay

Kaia: Lillian

We continued our exploration of all things farm-related, and the children have loved it so much that we plan to extend it into next week. This week’s farm activities included more planting (this time of wheat grass), making sheep masks using cotton balls and googly eyes, painting felt pigs with “mud” and singing Baa Baa Black Sheep while wearing our sheep masks for Miss Paula.

On Monday we had a special visit from Steve The Scientist, who did some amazing things with color mixing. The children were a wonderful audience. You may have noticed a napkin with black magic marker in their baskets. Try adding some water drops to it and have your child observe all the colors that emerge!

Some of your children have expressed an interest in "Show and Tell." We are happy to move forward with this exciting opportunity. The children feel so proud when they are able to bring in a special item from home and are able to share it with the group. We will send out some guidelines and a schedule by the end of next week and we will plan to begin after April break.

We hope you hear lots about what your children are learning about on the farm over the weekend. We are also hoping that spring will find us soon so we won't need all that heavy winter gear!

Karen and Emily

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