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Pre-K: Earth Week

It was a wonderful week to celebrate our planet and learn ways in which we can reduce harm to it. Be sure to stop in and check out their work displayed on the hallway bulletin board! It's a beautiful display of art and learning celebrating Earth.

We explored nature in our yard with Puddlestompers, discovering bugs and even eggs! Friends brought in nature they found on trips and in the yard. In addition, we started to explore some real life fossils that we recently found in Texas!

We worked to help our environment by picking up trash around the neighborhood and cleaning dirty water in which we recorded their observations throughout the week in a journal.

We also practiced good habits that they can do at home! We've been composting our leftover snack and lunch items, turning off the lights when we leave the room, sorting trash/recycling, and repurposing used items to create something new!

Books we read:

Compost Stew

The Curious Garden (they LOVED this book!)

I Can Save the Earth

The EARTH Book

S is for Save the Earth

Other photos...

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