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3-Day: Under the Sea

This week in 3-Day your children were very busy exploring the ocean floor. We read both fiction and nonfiction literature and we are sure they added some new words to their vocabulary. Ask them about sea anemones, tentacles and sea urchin to name a few! The kids had a blast at the discovery table with water beads and all kinds of sea creatures. They painted brightly colored fish with sponges and began the creation of their own jelly fish on Friday.

Much of their gross motor play took place in the block area where we set up a miniature bay with lots and lots of fish for catching with our Bowen fishing rods. Our fine motor skills were strengthened through puzzles, beading and using tools to scoop tiny sea creatures.

Bowen had a visit from Puddlestompers on Monday and we were so excited to finally be outside to explore all the colors in nature. We took a nature walk around the school and Puddlestompers supplied us with collection jars for our treasures.

Paula made extra effort this week to make our music time included new and old favorite songs about the ocean. We sang a seashell counting song, we rowed our boats and we learned some more in our classroom!

During the week Emily and I asked the kids about things they might find in the ocean:

Mia: Octopus

James: Mermaids with pink hair

Annabelle: A fish and a starfish

Margot: Fish

Nate: A giant squid

Camilia: A crab

Marlo: Octopus

Minna: A fish

Wren: Octopus and a whale (and Dory!)

Robert: Fish

Caleb: A turtle

Marie-Sophie: A starfish

Connor: A starfish

Alexander: A mermaid

Kaia: A crab

We will continue our study of the ocean next week. If you have any snorkel masks and mini beach or Adirondack chairs we’d really appreciate you letting us borrow them for the Bowen beach. We hear it might be warm enough to sport some beachwear by midweek!

Emily and I hope everyone has a weekend with lots of time spent outside enjoying the beautiful weather.

The week before spring break week we had several photos that were not uploaded. I have included them in this week's album. Enjoy!

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