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Pre-K: Rocks and More

Science/Nature: We have started to study rocks and minerals, continuing the exploration through the month. Students began their investigation by exploring size, weight, color, and features. The spotlight this week was magnetite! We took advantage of spring's arrival and had extra outside fun, did a nature scavenger hunt, looked closely at all of the blooms to create still life drawings, and went on a rock hunt based on the book, If You Find a Rock.

The book identifies and describes a "worry rock". Each student got to pick out (and paint if they chose) a special worry rock we gifted them to start their transition out of Pre-K. The students really took to the concept and thought behind it as I described that sometimes when I feel anxious, worried, nervous, or even scared, my body can start to feel weird and wiggly. I explained that the rock is small enough to take anywhere (even in the pocket of their brand new backpack) and when my body starts to feel that way, I just grab my rock, rub it with my thumb, and it reminds me to take a breath and tell myself that I can do it.

Literacy: Our sounds/letters were -y and -x. We spent the week differentiating between the -y sound and -w (as they often get mixed up) and having fun with -x by noticing that it makes the same sound as -ks... have them do the -x lively letter, they loved this one.

Other: Students worked together to make a water xylophone, learned how to braid with yarn, enjoyed games (tic tac toe, nature bingo, and nature memory), built animal homes, had story time with Pricilla and painted.

Next week we are off to our last country, Japan!

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