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5-Day: All About Us

Monday started off with a special visit from Kelton and Mary, Jasmine's husband and her friend. They introduced us to opera music in the upstairs room with all the Bowen classes.

The children learned what a soprano and baritone voice sounds like, how you can make your voice sound low or high and through a tune and just one word (meow), music can convey a story and emotions. They also visited with each class separately for a more indepth discussion.

This week also began our All About Me theme. We are discussing what makes each person special. The children are drawing and writing about their favorite food, what they like to do, and what they love about their families. Underlying these ideas is a focus on same and different- we all have hair, but it can be different, we all have likes, but again they can be different. Throughout the year, we have worked hard to cultivate an understanding of being a friend by sharing and caring; of being part of a community by listening to others and letting others know how we feel. One of our parent volunteers/community helpers explained this week how you can have more than one feeling at the same time and that feelings can be tricky. All these are hard concepts to learn and understand, but 5-Day class has been amazing at bringing these ideas to class every day.

The children have had their bodies traced this week and are beginning to paint them. As they do this together, I have heard talk about hair color and skin color, what they like to wear and how shorts are more fun. These paintings are bright, colorful and creative. Our scrap garden is still growing. The carrots and celery tops are producing greens and the scallions and radishes are also sprouting. The children are having fun tracking this growth using unifix cubes.

Flowers have been beautifully arranged in the sensory table. We've added potting soil for the children to plants them into pots. Plastic bottle bottoms have been recycled as a vehicle

for printing with paint. When placed on paper, they create flower patterns which the children transformed into gardens hanging on our bulletin board.

Thank you to all our parents who were able to spend their time and enrich the curriculum on community helpers-- this week Allana, Ai and Carolyn. We are planning on organizing the dramatic play space into an All About Me space for next week. If anyone has a height chart, a scale for measuring body weight, an outline of a body to place eyes, ears hair, noses on, please let us know.

Thank you,

Cathy and Jasmine

using unifix culbes

#allaboutme #music #community

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