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Director's Column: Transitions

This week we hosted a classroom visit for the incoming 3-Day class. Although it is exciting to meet our new families, it always reminds me that I will also be saying goodbye to families that I have grown close to. The teachers and I keep reminding parents that it is totally normal for their children to be experiencing anxiety and acting out at this time of year. However, we often forget that as parents and teachers it is a time of transition for us as well, and we may also be feeling "big emotions"! I felt big emotions walking through the three classrooms this week. In Pre-K, I can remember some children from their first classroom visit to the 3-Day! I am not letting myself dwell on the fact that they (and Sarah) will all be leaving Bowen soon. Instead, I am soaking in these last weeks and enjoying the kind, funny, curious, and insightful children they have grown into. In 5-Day, it thrills me to see the friendships that have formed over the year. The children in that classroom genuinely enjoy each other's company, and some very special bonds have developed. Every time I walk into that classroom, I see children laughing, learning, and having FUN.

And the 3-Day class! They have come a LONG way. So much growth happens in this first year of school, and over the past few weeks I see the 3-Day children navigating through the day with confidence and purpose. They have adjusted to the routines, structure, and expectations of school, and are ready to tackle the challenges ahead of them in 5-Day. Enjoy these last few weeks, and make sure to put our end of year picnic on your calendars, June 1st at 6pm! Best, Nina

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