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5-Day: Learning About Ourselves

This week, as I began taking photos, I noticed how the children have moved on in their interests, friendships and play. The child who earlier in the year stayed mostly in the art area was now creating with blocks. Another child usually running around the playground was finding quiet enjoyment on the tire swing. New friendships were being formed as two children sat and shared a book together. Others normally engaged in building were now painting with friends at easels.

There is a lot of "Let's try this", "I can do it all by myself" and thoughtful opening up of play to others when someone asks to join. As we discussed what makes them special, the class listened to each others' ideas exploring differences and similarities. There was a lot of measuring each other in cooperative groups, graphing of eyes and hair and creating faces which showed emotions. Our sensory table was filled with baby pictures and recent pictures for matching, sorting and providing a launch pad for a conversation of how big they are now.

When 3-Day came to visit, I saw 5-Day making room for them to play in the blocks, reach out when someone was shy and make space for them to sit in at meeting. It really showed me how they have grown not just in height and weight, but in their kindness to others and opening themselves up to new experiences. We had a great week learning all about ourselves.

Thank you,

Cathy and Jasmine

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