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Pre-K: Tallying, Trips and Tiffany

It was a short, but busy, week in Pre-K!

Pre-K did such a great job listing words that started with the “t” sound that we moved on to words that end with "t" and have “t” in the middle. We even sounded out “t” words and practiced writing them on white boards. Our favorite literacy activity this week might have been our reading of the book Tuesday, about toads who fly around a suburban neighborhood on lily pads late one Tuesday evening. Because the book has no actual text, the children loved adding their own narrative and guessing what each of the characters in the book might be thinking.

Pre-K absolutely took off with tangrams this week. Between the letters we made with them and the ever-more complicated patterns children followed, we were so impressed by their hard work. We also learned about tallying and had a chance to practice shape hunting around the school to record how many circles, squares, rectangles and triangles we found. Finally, we measured how tall each child in Pre-K is and talked about the results. We plan to measure again towards the end of the year and compare!

We also experimented with different materials. We painted with tea and we painted on tin foil! On Friday, we talked about stained glass, looked at books of Louis Comfort Tiffany’s lamps and windows, and created some of our own!

Our dramatic play area was turned into a tea room and our block area was full of trains, tracks and tinker toys. We loved watching children collaborate to put on a tea party and to create both structures and windy paths for the trains.

Pre-K took a few trips this week: the first was our shape hunt. We also went on a neighborhood tree hunt and practiced our tallying skills. We recorded red, yellow and green trees, and also talked about the most common ones we saw, which were maple, oak and pine. On Thursday, we went upstairs to see the church’s beautiful collection of teacups donated by members from years past, and,on Friday, building on our discussion about Louis Comfort Tiffany’s stained glass, we visited the sanctuary and saw its beautiful stained glass windows!

Please remember to check your child’s cubby/backpack for the invitations they decorated today for Special Visitors’ Day next Saturday, and also to restock your child’s basket with extra clothes and layers that are marked with their names.

Have a wonderful Fall weekend, and we will see you Monday for "Dd" week.

Emily and Martine

Books this week included:


The Tea Party In The Woods

Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late


Have You Seen Trees?


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