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Director's Column: Our Remarkable Bowen Community

Last weekend we hosted an enrollment open house and I really enjoyed meeting new families and imagining how they would fit in at Bowen. Each family brings different experiences, perspectives, and talents to our community. To get an idea of what I mean, check out the family bio page on our website’s parent page. What an interesting and diverse community we have! Did you know we have parents from all over the United States, including Colorado, California, Minnesota, South Dakota, Illinois, Louisiana, North Carolina and New York? We also have parents that have come from India, South Korea, and a large contingent from England.

Among us we have a pediatric dentist, a freelance flute and piccolo player, an interior designer, a radiologist, a photographer, and a former beauty queen. In our spare time, we are very active; we enjoy long distance running, training for the Tour de France, tennis, yoga, skiing, coaching soccer, and performance driving. We also have many fans of craft beer and camping; maybe the next Parents' Night Out should be a BYO weekend camping trip!

Check out the bios and get to know our community a little better! You can also find a lot of helpful information on our Parent Resources page, such as: the school calendar, snack lists, parent helping tips, our Board and Committee positions and more. If you have any suggestions on other information you would like us to post, please let us know!



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