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Pre-K: Degas, Donaldson and Dominos!

It was Dd week in Pre-K, and our explorations extended from the artist Edgar Degas to dinosaurs.


One of our most popular activities this week was making predictions about what might hatch out of our giant egg. Children observed and recorded what they saw through both drawing and writing throughout the week. Also, our Writing About Reading activity occurs every Wednesday, and we were so moved by the thought and care your children gave to Marie in Fourth Position this week. Their ideas and attention to detail were particularly clear in their work.


We used dominos and dinosaur counters this week to practice both counting and comparing numbers. Using language such as “greater than,” “less than” and “equal to,” Pre-K tried everything from practicing writing numbers to creating actual number sentences! The latter is a skill that we knew would stretch them, and we were so impressed by how willing everyone was to give it a try.


Predictions about what would hatch out of our egg ranged from an owl to a turtle to a dinosaur. One child observed “it has to be able to swim in water” because our egg is resting in a pitcher full of water!

Dramatic Play was a doctor’s office this week, and the block area was filled with dinosaurs and magnatiles.


Ask your child if they can remember the dinosaur chant we performed for the school at Music this week!

We collected quotes from everyone as the week progressed, and it was such a highlight for us to hear everyone interacting:

  • Asher to Carter: Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn all have rings around them.

  • Carter to Asher: What planet is that? Will you read it to me?

  • Catherine to Selah: Do you want to read Ketchup on Your Cornflakes?

  • Selah playing IQ Fit with David: Is this how you do it? This is a hard one.

  • Gracie with Catherine in the Doctor’s Office: One prescription for the dog and horse, ok?

  • Carter to Nathan at the magnetic board on the playground, when a piece fell down: Wow, that was actually really cool.

  • Jiyoo: I have something to show you - it’s an acorn!

  • David while collecting leaves on the playground: I need more of these leaves because they make the other kind stay down.

  • Nathan on the playground while at the magnetic board: I’m building a test, because if it doesn’t work I have to put something to stabilize it.

  • Jack to Martine while walking to the playground: There are 6 boys and 5 girls today.

  • Lara, while working with clay: This is a dinosaur with a beard and a campfire - he’s camping.

  • Haley: I’d be a tyrannosaurus because then no one could eat me.

We hope to see many of your children tomorrow at Special Visitor’s Day!

Emily and Martine

Books this week included:

The Spiffiest Giant in Town

Dancing With Degas

Dinosaur Roar

Marie in Fourth Position

The Snail and the Whale

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