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3-Day: A Moment in Time

This week's blog will reflect a moment in time during our 3-Day morning. At about 9:45 Caroline and I took a peek around the room to observe what children were doing. Here is what we observed:

  • Ariyan was placing a small yellow piece of tissue paper on his sun-catcher leaf silhouette.

  • Cecilia was on the floor with George and Reid completing a shape puzzle.

  • Charlotte was using a green pointer stick to manipulate the green Gak (made of cornstarch and water) to move the plastic ants through the material.

  • Eli was placing small plastic ants on their corresponding number on table number 3.

  • George was placing the green square in the shape puzzle working on the floor.

  • Liam was preparing cupcakes in the 3-Day kitchen.

  • Luke was placing insects and snakes on the rock at the discovery table.

  • Mae was exploring the green Gak, breaking it apart and watching it mold back together.

  • Reid was working with friends on the floor to complete a shape puzzle.

  • Rocco was placing tissue paper squares on his sun catcher leaf silhouette.

  • Sam was pouring coffee and serving it at the table in the 3-Day kitchen.

  • Scarlet was burying a blue and black gecko with sand at the discovery table.

  • Sloane was asking Stella to take a holiday with her.

  • Stella was engaged and listening to Sloane's plans for their adventure.

  • Wolfie was working with his mom, placing tissue paper squares on his sun-catcher leaf silhouette.

  • We missed Blake on Friday.

Please enjoy the photos from the week and last Saturday's Special Visitor Day.

Have a great weekend.

Karen and Caroline

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