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Director's Column: Danke für den wundervollen Abend!

All day Friday, I watched our stunning N'Oktoberfest party take shape in the Great Hall. It has taken an incredible amount of dedication, enthusiasm, planning, and work from our Fundraising and Hospitality teams. You can see how much time and care has gone into transforming our hall into a traditional Oktoberfest bierhaus, so you can imagine how much time and care went into all the details leading up to this night. The commitment of the parents at this school is truly something special, and I always feel so fortunate to be a part of this community.

I know life is busy, and it is not always easy to volunteer your time. I hope that the time you spend volunteering at Bowen is as rewarding to you as it is to the school. Maybe it gives you a chance to socialize with people you might not have met otherwise. Maybe it gives you an outlet for your creativity. Maybe it gives you a chance to develop a new skill. I know one member of our community used the Fall Fête as an opportunity to teach herself how to make spaetzle! To all those who contributed to making this night a success, Danke für den wundervollen Abend! Best,


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