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5-Day: All About Animals

This week was all about animals!! We are learning about bears, bear caves and hibernation. Our dramatic play area is a bear cave big enough for 4 children, 2 robins, 2 blue jays and 5 squirrels. The children decorated the cave, painted a beautiful, mountainous mural and are having fun hibernating and laughing. We are also finding out about our favorite animals. Our Showtime is full of interesting questions and facts. Kristi has been finding videos to help us answer these questions and learn something new. Did you know all cats have 24 whiskers? Also, the name hippopotamus comes from the Greek word for "river horse"! 5-Day has been exploring animals in a myriad of ways: a savannah in the discovery table, pattern blocks, crayon rubbings, puzzles, animal tracks, teddy bears, playdough and lots of books.

Below are some conversational snippets from this week:

Caleb and Ashwin: "We are making boat traps."

Marie-Sophie and Madeline: "This is our castle."

Wren: "Can I have some red tape, please?"

Kaia: "I'm making Elsa's palace."

Margot and Marlo: "We are making mad monster plans."

Mia: "There are two ways you can go on the balance beam."

James: "I want to do everything."

Connor: "My truck has food for the airplane."

Wilfie: "Robins have a red tummy."

Alex: "My alphabots can fly."

Nate: "My alphabots have super powers."

Asher: "They turn to letters and cars."

Minna: "We can make two to bake a cake."

Lucas and Nate: "We made a bridge tower."

Have a wonderful long weekend!!

Kristi and Cathy

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