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5-Day: Hello, December!

December is here, and we are celebrating in 5-day! We had a full week with Puddlestompers, Music, Creative Movement, and a surprise fire truck visit! The children have absolutely loved our gift-wrapping and card-making station in dramatic play this week. Thank you very much for your generous paper, ribbon, and box donations! Our tables are filled with holiday games and crafts, and water beads in the discovery table are a new favorite. At meeting, we have enjoyed learning about different holidays, and especially how people use *light* to celebrate. We read stories about Hanukkah, Kwanza, and Christmas. It has been delightful to hear about your family traditions as shared by the children during Showtime! Please visit our bulletin board in the calendar corner to see the children’s illustrations and pictures. Here are some of the ways we celebrate:

Mia - Gingerbread houses! We have a party with cousins and friends to put candy all over our gingerbread house.

James - My favorite part of Christmas is decorating the tree and decorating everywhere else before our big Christmas dinner.

Wilfie - On Christmas Eve every year Wilfie's family goes to church. In the church are lots of dressing-up clothes for the children. Wilfie likes to be a king with a crown on his head. After singing Christmas songs, everyone is given a glo-stick when they go outside!

Nate - We celebrate a lot of holidays in December! We light the menorah for Hanukkah and sing songs. We celebrate Christmas, too. We also have my birthday, my dad's birthday, and Nana's birthday between Hanukkah and Christmas! That's a lot of celebrating! This year we went on the Polar Express and saw gingerbread houses, Santa, elves and snow.

Marlo - Every year my sister and I take turns with 2 different advent calendars. Today, I opened door #2 and ate the chocolate!

Ashwin - Ashwin's holiday traditions include 1) reading The Snowman book and building a snowman with my dad 2) singing "Rudolph" with my mom and dancing! 3) making biscotti cookies with my Nana 4) cutting down a Christmas tree with my Pops!

Lucas - Christmas cookies! With mommy, and daddy took pictures. This is something I do every Christmas! James really likes the snowman. I like pullin' out the dough. I bake 'em in the oven, and I frost 'em!

Minna - Every year my sister and I take turns with 2 advent calendars. Today I chose house #2 and hung the small ornament inside.

Margot - Our family celebrates Hanukkah AND Christmas! December is one of our favorite months. Some of our holiday traditions include setting up and decorating our tree with lights and ornaments. We decorate cookies and call it "electric gingerbread"! We use fun frosting and get new cookie shapes every year. My aunts Gracie and Riro do this with us. We also light the menorah each night of Hanukkah. Sometimes we play dreidel and collect our gelt!


Next Friday, December 14th, is our Bowen Holiday Sing-Along! Please meet in the big room at 11:10 a.m. We will participate in the school sing-along, followed by refreshments in the 5-Day classroom. Looking forward to celebrating together and wishing you a very happy time with your families!

Kristi and Cathy

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