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3-Day: Keeping Our Teeth and Our Community Clean

Happy New Year, 3-Day Families! Your children seamlessly entered back into school after a very long break! We were so happy to see them! Not everyone made it back yet, so we are eagerly awaiting Monday to have our full group.

This week, we continued our study of the people in our community. Sloane’s mom Panasaya came in on Wednesday to teach your children about dental health. We played a game using magnets of healthy and unhealthy foods that “stuck” (or didn’t) to our teeth. We talked about keeping our teeth healthy and clean and discussed the importance of brushing teeth! She was kind enough to leave her puppet with a great big mouth and toothbrush so we could all practice. We encouraged children to brush their teeth at least twice a day with their new toothbrushes that Panasaya provided. The goody bags also included a bathroom timer for brushing. The children were excited to get started!

Our Wednesday art activity was quite silly! We used real toothbrushes to paint large paper teeth, which are on display inside our classroom.

Steve the musician rang in the new year with some old favorites! We danced our bodies around and sang lots of fun songs! The children are really enjoying our music time in the classroom.

On Friday, we wrapped up our study of the community with some interesting activities about garbage and recycle trucks! The children learned the difference between garbage and recycled materials. We read a silly book called I Stink! As a follow up, we made recycled art using all kinds of interesting materials. Caroline and I were quite impressed at the creativity! We are planning to display these works of art in our classroom, but it will take the entire weekend for the globs of glue to dry!

3-Day is looking for a parent volunteer to help us collect our recyclables each day. This job would include grabbing any paper and recycled materials from our small blue recycle bin and disposing it in their home recycle bin. If you are interested, please let us know. We’ve been collecting brown bags to make the job pretty easy.

Next week, we will begin our study of the wonderful world of dinosaurs. We let the children know today and they were super excited. Caroline and I are planning lots of great activities for the kids!

Please make sure you have updated your child’s spare clothing for cold winter temperatures. Also, we are anticipating that winter will finally arrive. Please encourage your children to work on dressing and undressing by themselves before leaving the house. The more they practice, the better they get! Make sure all winter clothing is labeled with your child’s name. It also helps if mittens (which we love most) or gloves are attached to jackets.

Have a great weekend!

Karen and Caroline

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