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5-Day: Happy New Year!

It was lovely to see our dear 5-Day friends back at school this week! We missed everyone and hope you had a wonderful time with your families. The children were excited to report all about their holiday activities; their illustrated highlights are displayed on the bulletin board in the hall. We are also very happy to welcome our new friend Tanya to the 5-day classroom!

We eased back into our classroom routines with some familiar activities and independent exploration. Some favorites included playing "house" in dramatic play, creating with magnetic shape blocks, building K'Nex creatures in the discovery table, and painting with both watercolors and pipettes.

Beginning next week, we will jump into a Jan Brett author study. She has a library of beautiful and intriguing children's books that we will read, discuss, compare, explore, and even act out together. Stay tuned for our upcoming group projects! As we begin this curriculum, we will also be implementing weekly "must-do" table activities. These will generally be completed in a small group with teacher guidance to provide extra support in developing and strengthening age-appropriate math and literacy skills. We are excited to share more about these experiences in future newsletters and are happy to answer questions or discuss our classroom learning at any time!


Winter weather is here, and we love to play outside as often as we are able! Please note that unless there is severe precipitation or temperatures (below 20 degrees F) we will plan to go to the playground. Please send all appropriate clothing items each day, including a coat, hat, and well as boots and snow pants for snowy days!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

Kristi and Cathy

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