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Pre-K: "Mm" Ctd! Measuring, Maps and Matisse

Our continuation of "Mm" week was a Mmega hit. We loved having the extra time to explore measuring, maps and Matisse!

Language and Literacy

Pre-K is really demonstrating the ability to make connections between letters, their sounds and the world around them. Our big challenge this week was that we put out a card for each letter of the alphabet and then children traveled around our room, finding things that started with the sound represented by the letter card. They did a fabulous job. We also started an investigation of different types of maps. In addition to our giant map of the world in the Dramatic Play area, children made both treasure maps and maps of our classroom. Next week ("Nn" week), we will continue our map theme through exploring a map of Newton and drawing maps of our neighborhoods.

Math and Science

We have started to pair children up for Group Work, which has been fun to watch. This week, our pairs added bananas for monkeys and measured items, at tables and around the room, with both rulers and unifix cubes. For "Science Friday", Martine led an activity that had children test the magnetism of various objects. They loved watching certain items shoot across the tables!

Miss Melissa from Puddlestompers visited us on Monday; ask your children about the information they learned about the white-tailed deer! Finally, Pre-K used its measuring skills while baking muffins, which we enjoyed after lunch on Friday.

Building and Dramatic Play

During the course of our week, we added various things to our floor map of the world. Children added trees to land, fish to the oceans, and tiny people to both land and water. They drew roads and bridges with dry erase markers, and we realized that this simple activity had encouraged new combinations of children to play together. Similarly, we added magnet cars one day, mice a second day and kittens the last day to our magnatile building rug. We so enjoyed watching children use the materials in different ways in an ever-changing group of children.


We finished our Monet Water Lilies, which is so beautiful and hanging on our Pre-K board in the hall if you haven’t already seen it. We had the chance to read about Matisse and his cut-outs, and, while looking at our Matisse books, we asked the children how the paintings made them feel. These were their answers:

Carter: The stars and dark colors make me feel happy.

Asher: The purple makes me think of night. The picture with stars makes me


David: The blue one looks like night.

Haley: The blue is calm; it has peaceful colors.

Jack: The collage looks like animal paw prints.

Selah: I like purple.

Catherine: It makes me happy because all the colors look beautiful.

Lara: I like the designs.

Grace: The heart shape is love.

Jiyoo: The green shape makes me happy because green is my favorite color.

Harry: The cut-out bird reminds me of the sky.

Evan: The green shape makes me happy because I like green.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Emily and Martine

Books included this week:

Monet’s Impressions


Katie Meets the Impressionists

Henri’s Scissors

Ooooh, Matisse

Henri’s Scissors

Grandpa’s Mixed Up Luau

My Map Book

blurbs from Experiments with Magnets

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