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3-Day: We are the Dinosaurs

3-Day is loving our study of dinosaurs! We’ve learned so many new words like "paleontologist", "million", "ice age", "carnivore", "herbivore" and a mouthful of dinosaur names, too. A few of our 3-Day “dinosaur connoisseurs” made some impressive contributions to our classroom discussions. A few topics we are working to understand are: how long ago dinosaurs roamed the earth, the difference between carnivore and herbivore, and some dinosaurs' attributes and names. We are singing dinosaur songs and exploring lots of fiction and nonfiction literature about these prehistoric creatures. We will continue our study through next week. If any parent has any prehistoric knowledge or dinosaur activity they’d like to share, we welcome you!

As you may know, our classroom is composed of the discovery table, the meeting area, the dramatic play area, the block area, the fine motor/writing area/science table, in addition to Table 1 (art), Table 2 (sensory) and Table 3 (manipulative/skill based). You may hear us refer to tables by number as we set up our daily classroom activities based on a particular theme. This week I thought I would frame our blog by listing the activities by table.


We enjoyed a visit from Melissa at Puddlestompers, who taught us all about the white-tailed deer.

Table 1: Dino sponge painting (collaborative)

Table 2: Prehistoric playdoh with dino-shaped cutters

Table 3: Dino bead stringing

Discovery Table: Dinosaur habitat

Story: Gail Gibbons' Dinosaurs

Song: "We are the Dinosaurs" and "Dinosaur, Dinosaur Turn Around"


Table 1: T-Rex feet painting (if you were wondering why your child’s feet were green on Wednesday at bath time!)

Table 2: Playdoh with dinosaurs

Table 3: Shape activity (teacher-directed game assessing shape knowledge)

Story: Dot The Dinosaur

Science Table: Dinosaur plant (observe its growth when given water)


Table 1: Adding google-eyes and sharp teeth to our dinosaurs

Table 2: Hatching frozen dinosaur eggs with salt water

Table 3: Dino matching

Story: Usborne Lift the Flap Dinosaurs and Dinos Play Hockey (which was a perfect supplement to our creative movement hockey lesson!)

So, as you can see, your children are very busy in the short time they spend with us. We usually strongly encourage them to visit our daily art activity, but one of our goals here in 3-Day is to foster independence and to allow children to make choices on their own. Your children are always learning new information, resolving conflicts, communicating and building skills through their play.

Have a great weekend!

Karen and Caroline

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