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3-Day: A Moment in Time with More Dinosaur Discoveries

We concluded our second week of dinosaurs with lots of fun activities. 3-Day learned about fossils and we even made some of our very own! We became paleontologists and sifted through sand in our discovery table to find and construct dinosaur bones. We used a vinegar solution to hatch dinosaur eggs. It was so “eggciting” to chisel away the shell and hatch our very own baby dinosaurs.

We read lots and lots of dinosaur stories including:

Dinosaur Roar!

Our First Book of Dinosaurs

If the Dinosaurs Came Back

Dinosaur, Dinosaur

Dinosaurs (Gibbons)


We explored many different textures, manipulating dinosaurs through playdoh, slime, and sand. We watched our real dinosaur plant come to life each day with just a few drops of water. Children also enjoyed singing and acting out dinosaur songs and chants. Our favorite was definitely Laurie Berkner’s song, "We are the Dinosaurs!"

Today we paused for a moment during our playtime to observe each one of your children making independent choices in their play and here is what we saw:

  • Ariyan is making an important phone call to Sam in the dramatic play area.

  • Blake is trying on the captain’s hat and making sure we have tickets for the plane.

  • Cecilia is digging through the sand, locating prehistoric dinosaur bones.

  • Charlotte is flipping over a card, playing dinosaur memory.

  • Eli is pushing the dinosaur scales into the black dino slime.

  • George is adding the last piece to complete the dinosaur puzzle.

  • Liam is in the block area, using large flat blocks to build a runway for the airplane.

  • Luke is constructing the airport at the block area.

  • Mae is adding a piece to the triceratops puzzle with George.

  • Reid is pressing a small dinosaur into the dino slime to create a dinosaur egg.

  • Rocco is using his fingers to open the black eggs, which held the dino slime.

  • Sam is calling Ariyan on the phone in the dramatic play area. He shares the phone when Liam asks for a turn.

  • Sloane is making a memory match with two blue dinosaurs at Table #3.

  • Stella is stamping a large T-Rex into the paint and making dinosaur footprints on her paper.

  • Wolfie is digging and brushing off the sand of the dinosaur bones in the discovery table.

We hope you enjoy the photos this week, which tell their own story of how we spend each day! We also hope you enjoy our new year snapshot. It took quite some time to have all 16 of us here on the same day, but it was worth the wait!

Have a wonderful, long weekend. Hopefully everyone will get some time to play outside in the snow!!!

Karen and Caroline

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