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Director's Column: Parking Safety on Otis and Lowell

I've gotten a few comments in the past week about safety issues on Otis and Lowell. I realize our parking situation is not ideal, but we've come up with a few strategies that help make sure drop-off and pickup are safe for children. The best way to find parking is to come down Otis Street, then make a right on Lowell Avenue. It is better to go around the block, rather than try to make a U-turn on Otis. Parking should be available on either Otis or Lowell. If a spot is not available, try driving around the block once; something will usually open up. Please park on the school side of the street, and take your children out of the car on the sidewalk side. Traffic on both Otis and Lowell in the morning is heavy, and drivers are impatient, particularly on Otis Street. Parking on the opposite side of the street narrows the passage for other cars, and crossing the street with your child is less safe. The intersection at Otis and Lowell is notoriously bad. I have seen way too many accidents and near-misses, due to drivers who blow through the light. If you are driving, please be careful; there are often children using the crosswalks. If you are walking to school and need to cross this intersection, it is worth taking an extra beat to make sure cars are stopped and have seen you before crossing. Stay safe and enjoy the long weekend!

Best, Nina

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