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Pre-K: Upside Down and Unifix Cubes

Hello Pre-K Families! Did you know that your children are now accomplished actors, costume artists and set designers? Read on to find out what they accomplished this week!

It was "Uu" week in Pre-K, and our big project revolved around the book Silly Sally. The book tells the story of Silly Sally, who, while walking to town upside down, meets some animal friends along the way. Each child had a role, as one of the few townspeople or as either Sally or one of her friends. We will send you a video of their masterful performance in a separate email.

After reading our book for the first time and being assigned roles, children decorated plate masks for each of their characters. Then, they wrote placards with their characters' names on them. We decorated our set by painting butchers’ block paper with the elements of the setting that the children determined were important. Throughout the week, we continued to read our book and asked children to think about how they might want to act out their characters. Each time we read Silly Sally, your children were more and more creative. Finally, we rehearsed our play a few times, and, on Friday, we performed it for real. We hope that you enjoy it!

Bowen has A LOT of unifix cubes. Pre-K collected all of them, and then sorted them by color. After they were sorted, children snapped them into lines of 10 and counted by 10s to determine how many we had of each color. On Thursday, we talked about linking all of our 10s together and wondered how long a line of unifix cubes we might make. We then brought them all out to the big room, and children estimated where they thought the line would end, if we started at the kitchen wall. The line ended up waaaaaay longer than any of us expected. After figuring out what 100 cubes looked like linked together, we estimated that Bowen has 900 cubes all together!

Children also used unifix cubes to play the game "Race to 10" in pairs, and Martine led a Science Friday experiment with balloons, vinegar and baking soda about the concept of "Up"! For a further challenge, there is also "Race to 20" and "Race to 30". Here is the link if you’d like to try it at home, since your children loved playing it at school:

A few messages:

  • We are starting to emphasize cleaning up after our snack and lunch. We have asked children to double-check their places (both table and floor) before they head to their next activity. We remind them to throw out all of their trash and to wipe their spots clean of crumbs and spills. Let us know if they are helping at home as well!

  • We are taking a break from our pom pom jar and are asking friends to notice, and quietly let us know, when a classmate does something kind for a friend. Children are already starting to report when they see an act of kindness, and we are thrilled.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!

Emily and Martine

Books included:

Silly Sally


Umbrella - Taro Yashima

The Umbrella - Jan Brett

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