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5-Day: Writing and Illustrating

This week, we continued to dive into Laura Numeroff's books If You Give a Pig a Pancake, If You Give a Dog a Donut, and If You Give a Pig a Party. After looking at the circular sequence of her stories, the class broke into small groups to create their own unique stories.

While the literacy table was involved in this activity, the art table was busy making donuts, designing balloons and creating party hats for Friday. Math concepts of measuring and mixing were the focus at another table, as the children made playdough and pancakes. We also spent time making our Special Visitors Day invitations to send home, with special touches added by the children. As always, the block area was busy with snap-together blocks made into incredible vehicles and machines. The discovery table had many chefs, baking cookies and muffins, as did the dramatic play area while other children read in the library corner.

Below are the unique stories the children created, inspired by Laura Numeroff's books. They brainstormed the ideas, characters and concepts themselves with a little help from Kristi. They are fabulous! Enjoy!!

If You Give a Robin an Apple

By: Mia, Madeline, Minna and Caleb

If you give a robin an apple...

He's going to want a worm to go with it!

When you give him a worm, it will wiggle and make him want to dance.

He'll ask you for some music;

You'll give him a guitar and some drums.

When he dances a lot, he will get tired and hungry.

He'll ask you for a worm!

And chances are, if you give him a worm...

He'll want and apple to go with it.

If You Give a Bear Some Cereal

By: Margot, Ashwin, Lucas and Wren

If you give a bear some cereal...

He'll want some milk to go with it.

You'll give him some milk.

The white milk will remind him of the clouds.

He'll want to fly a kite!

He'll ask for some string, cloth, sticks and glue.

The white glue will remind him of the white milk.

He'll ask you for some.

And chances are, if you give him some milk,

he'll want some cereal to go with it!

If You Give a Monkey Macaroni and Cheese

By: Marlo, Asher, Kaia and Alexander

If you give a monkey macaroni and cheese...

He'll want some grapes to go with it.

You'll give him some grapes.

The grape juice will make him all messy!

You'll have to give him a bath.

The round bubbles in the bath

Will remind him of grapes.

He'll ask you for some.

And chances are, if you give him some grapes,

He'll want some macaroni and cheese to go with it!

If You Give an Alligator Some Oatmeal

By: Tanya, Nate, James, Marie-Sophie and Connor

If you give an alligator some oatmeal...

He'll want some raisins to go with it.

The raisins will remind him of raisin bread.

He'll want to bake some with you.

He will need a recipe and some sugar.

The sugar will make him sticky;

It will remind him of sticky raisins!

He'll ask you for some.

And chances are, if you give him the raisins...

He'll want some oatmeal to go with it.

Thank you for all you do,

Cathy and Kristi

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