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5-Day: Valentines and Visitors!

Dear Families,

We had such an exciting week preparing for our special days! We enjoyed reading and talking about doing all kind things for our friends and those we love. Here's how we celebrated:

  • Making gifts and cards for our families

  • Decorating Valentine's boxes for our classroom mail center

  • Playing with purple playdough and hearts

  • Mixing up a special pink treat to share

  • Creating a class Valentine's mural

  • Designing cards for our classmates

  • Reading stories about friendship together

  • Playing an exciting game of Freeze Dance!

  • Singing favorite songs from throughout the year, including our new favorite, "Skid-a-ma-rink!"

  • Finding hidden hearts in the classroom

  • Sledding and playing in the new snow

  • Giving out Valentine cards and enjoying a special snack

  • Welcoming our special visitors to Creative Movement!

The children also answered the question, "What do you love?" Here are their responses:

Kaia: I love you!

Marie-Sophie: Snowmen and birthday cake

Alex: Playing checkers with my brother.

Connor: I love to throw snowballs!

James: Mom, Mary, and Trissy...and the Outfox game.

Wren: Mom and going to my house with snow

Marlo: marshmallows and Madeline

Asher: cupcakes

Ashwin: Rice Krispies

Caleb: I love you!

Madeline: chocolate and piggies

Margot: Mom, dad, my whole family!

Mia: my friends and my family

Lucas: I love helping my dad make his protein shake and playing outside with him.

Minna: my friends and my family

Nate: my Nana's dog

Thank you to all those who joined us throughout the week's events! We love having you participate in our school activities. Wishing you and your families safe travels and happy time together this Winter Break. We look forward to seeing you soon!

With love,

Kristi and Cathy

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