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Pre-K: Review and Valentine's Day!

There is something special about the week around Valentine’s Day, when you’re a teacher. The children get SO excited and enjoy all things heart- and love-related. We incorporated a review of 10-frames, patterns, graphs, rhyming and an introduction to new ways of practicing writing letters and numbers...but, we also spent a fair amount of time on art and fine motor projects about love and friendship.

Our two main questions this week were based around the book How to Build a Hug and a few about love, in general:

  • What makes you nervous? How could you help yourself through it?

  • How can you show someone that you love them?

Here are their thoughtful answers:

What makes you nervous? How could you help yourself through it?

Asher: I’m scared of the dark at night, and a lullaby helps make me calm.

Carter: I’m scared of falling off a boat. I would build a super floaty life jacket.

Catherine: I’m nervous in the dark. I could make a hug machine that is really soft and cuddly.

David: I’m scared of getting bitten by a fire ant. I’d put myself in a trap, so it wouldn’t get into where I am.

Evan: Spiders - I could catch them, and I’d put them in a box and keep them there.

Gracie: I’m afraid of the dark and spiders. I’d build a trap for the spiders.

Haley: Sometimes I’m afraid of being in water without a floatie or someone holding me if it’s deeper than my height. I’d ask for someone to help or build something that floats and hold onto it.

Harry: I’m afraid of getting bitten by a black widow spider. I’d put a box on the spider.

Jack: I’m scared of trying to do a ski jump because of sinking in the snow. I would build a cage to do the ski jump, so that my feet don’t hit the ground.

Jiyoo: I’m scared of the dark. I’d roll up in a blanket.

Lara: I’m scared of jumping off high things, but I really want to. I’d make bricks for steps to step down.

Nathan: Sometimes scootering makes me scared because I don’t often do it.

Selah: I’m nervous about giving a friend a kiss because it might spread germs. I could wash my hands.

How can you show someone you love them?

Asher: You could show love by hugging, telling them thank you, saying I love you.

Carter: You could hug and kiss them; say “I like you” and “I love you.”

Catherine: You could hug them, say “I love you.”

David: I would kiss and hug them; I would sing to them.

Evan: You could hug them and play with them.

Gracie: You could put hearts on the person and hug them.

Haley: You could hug them and you could kiss them.

Harry: You can show love with a heart and by making something for your friend or parents.

Jack: You could say “I love you” and “I like the way you smell.”

Jiyoo: You could give a pink flower.

Lara: Every day I make mama and daddy a card; it takes a lot of work.

Nathan: You could give hugs and say “I love you.”

Selah: You could paint a heart for them and kiss them.

Thank you all for the lovely valentines and we hope that you have a wonderful break!

Emily and Martine

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