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3-Day: Soaring into Outer Space!

We soared back from February break right into outer space! 3-Day spent the week learning about the Earth, the Earth’s moon, and the stars in our universe. We started the week introducing our Bowen Blaster, located in the dramatic play area. This ship holds 4 astronauts, a control panel, and windows to look at our Earth from way out there!

Our art activities included making stars with collage materials, using glue to adhere all kinds of sparkly, bright, starry decor to our stars. We made planet Earth with finger paints. The children did a wonderful job making lots of blue oceans and green land. The highlight of the week was "Friday Moons". The children painted with special moon paint and used a variety of manipulatives to create all the craters on their moon. They are on display outside our room.

For sensory activities, we made a nighttime sky in our discovery table, composed of black beans, glittery pompoms, and pipe cleaners shaped as rings. Then, we added spaceships, astronauts and planets. We used outer space playdoh with moon and star cookie cutters and nightime playdoh with millions of tiny stars. We also served up some outer space slime!

3-Day read some wonderful nonfiction stories this week as well as some imaginative fiction books, too, including: I Took a Walk with the Moon; The Moon; The Planets; Planets; Mae Above the Stars; Stars, Stars, Stars!

Priscilla also came in to read with us this week. She read a story about a little bear and his pancakes in honor of our upcoming Bowen Pancake Breakfast!

We learned some new songs ("5 Little Astronauts" and "Soaring to the Moon"). You may even hear your little astronaut counting down from 10 to blast off. We took a break from our "Hello, Good Morning" song and we blasted off to play after meeting time.

Our first Lunch Bunch went remarkably well. The children were so excited all day! Each transition prompted the question of, “is it lunch bunch time yet?” Caroline and I were THRILLED to see every 3-Day friend signed up. The weather was too cold to go outside, but we had a blast in our Bowen indoor play space. When it was finally time for lunch, your children did a fantastic job adding some new routines to our day. They all did a wonderful job eating their lunch and it was lots of fun to have the extra time to casually visit with your children. The hard part now is explaining why we don’t have lunch bunch every day! This is an opportune time to bring up how much fun going to school 5 days a week can be.

Next week we will continue our exploration of outer space, the planets and rocket ships!

Looks like we have some more snow coming over the weekend. We asked the children to pretend they have just landed on the surface of the moon and encouraged them to make footprints in the lunar snow!

Have a great weekend!

Karen and Caroline

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