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Pre-K: Syllables, Symmetry, Superheroes and Seurat!

Hello Pre-K families,

Our biggest take-away this week is that Pre-K is full of superheroes! Be sure to ask your child what his/her superpower is!

Language and Literacy

Our focus this week was syllables (counting, clapping and sorting) and starting to sound out some CVC sight words by matching individual letters on clothespins to the words on popsicle sticks. Pre-K exceeded all of our expectations - your children are well on their way to reading! We also read Charlie’s Superhero Underpants. Take a look at our bulletin board to see what your child’s superpower is!

Math and Science

We explored symmetry this week. Early in the week, children cut out symmetrical snowflakes from coffee filters and used pattern blocks to complete symmetrical flowers. On Tuesday, children painted paper plates and then pressed another plate to it. The result was a symmetry matching game that we played on Wednesday! On Friday, Martine led a "scent sniffing" activity in which children smelled a variety of scents and then graphed their favorite.


To further our understanding of symmetry, we tried a pulled string art project. Children dipped pieces of string in colors, arranged them in a pattern on one side of a piece of paper, folded it and pulled the string out. The results are on display in our classroom, and are so beautiful. Thanks to Jenna for the suggestion and execution!

Despite the snow day, we were also able to discuss Georges Seurat’s painting A Sunday on La Grande Jatte; we talked about the shapes, light, shade and colors we found in the painting and why it looked different from far away versus close up. On Friday, children used q-tips to paint a still life of tulips on our art table, using dots rather than paint strokes, and they were so proud of their work. You can see their still lives on our Pre-K bulletin board as well.

Dramatic Play, Discovery Table and Building Rug

Dramatic play was turned into a school, and children used keyboards for the first time. We asked them to choose sandpaper upper case letters, find them on the keyboard, and then write them on white boards. We had suds and then snow in our discovery table, and we included a line of symmetry in our building area around which children built with legos and magnatiles.

It was a busy week, even though we lost a day, and we hope that you have lots of time to cozy up and relax this weekend!

See you next week,

Emily and Martine

Books included:

Scaredy Squirrel

When It Starts to Snow

Charlie’s Superhero Underpants

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