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5-Day: BIG Feelings

This week, 5-Day finished up their big box constructions. The class lifted off into outer space in their rocket ship, traveled to Florida in their train, floated through the clouds in their hot air balloon and flew to Boston in their airplane. It was a wonderful conclusion to our construction theme.

We also looked into feelings and emotions this week. Through a variety of media, games, books, sensory materials, art and music, the class tuned into how they feel at different times and how these feelings can change and connect.

Each morning, we read a different book to help the children find words and experiences to explain some emotions. Then, in small groups, they explored these emotions through music and art in the activity room:

  • Bouncy music with orange and yellow collages (sunshine, happy colors)

  • Thunderous music with an activity of shaking a can with red paint and marbles (angry color)

  • Soft instrumental music with gentle green watercolor painting (calm color)

  • Hard beat music with purple splotches (frustrated color)

We coupled these activities with literacy self-expression. Each child talked about times when they are happy, angry, calm or frustrated. It was wonderful letting them express themselves in their own words and, then, to see them draw how they felt at those times. This was also a chance for the children to listen to others who have had similar experiences.

During meetings, the class used pompoms to express how they felt each day. Using yellow, red, purple and green pompoms, each child could drop one into a mason jar as a way to show how they felt without words. This time was also purposeful in talking about how one can have many feelings at once, how feelings can change, and what can you do/what strategies will help you when you do feel angry or frustrated? As teachers, we were thrilled to see how receptive and thoughtful the children were and how they listened and connected with each other.

Changing faces were seen at various centers throughout the week: at the easel, with playdough, through creating-a-face games, and at the writing table. The discovery table was full of soft, soothing rainbow color beads.

Next week, we are looking forward to exploring what happens in the spring!

Kristi and Cathy

Books read this week included:

The Color Monster by Anna Llenas

I Feel by George Ancona

Who is Happy: See and Say Your First Feelings by Jarvis

When I'm Feeling Angry by Trace Moroney

The Way I Feel by Janan Cain

Franklin's Bad Day by Paulette Bourgeois

#construction #feelings #selfexpression

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