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5-Day: Welcome, Spring!

Dear Families,

5-Day has welcomed spring with open arms, and we are so excited for the warm weather! Our classroom is alive with a garden, flower shop, planting in the discovery table, and our real grass seeds are growing in the windowsill of the activity room. We are looking forward to observing the changes in the coming days.

We have been hard at work on a multi-step project, learning the parts of a flower. The children began by creating a collage of soil, seeds, roots, stems, leaves, and, finally, watercolor flowers. Following the art portion of the project, we worked on labeling. The children had the option to just trace the first letter of each word, but we were so proud of many of them for trying each and every letter! We completed the project by cutting out labels with letters and sounds that match each word, and then gluing labels next to the correct part of the plant. Please check out our 5-Day flower garden on the bulletin board in the hall early next week!​

Here are the children's responses to the question, "How do you know it is spring?"

Connor - There’s bunnies! And, I saw a robin this morning.

Nate - When the birds begin to sing...

Marie-Sophie - Everything is pretty and leaves come on the trees.

Caleb - The squirrels and chipmunks are coming from trees and the ground. They were there for the winter.

Wren - Grass grows!

Mia - Because the grass turns green and the birds sing.

James - The trees change to green.

Minna - I saw green grass across the street when I was leaving my house.

Lucas - Cause my dad told me. He said there’s also a couple more snowstorms going on.

Kaia - It tells me because there’s some weeds out there.

Ashwin - Because there’s flowers out and because it’s so hot.

Asher - It’s sunny.

Margot - Because I saw some flowers outside.

Marlo - There’s some beautiful grass.

Madeline - Flowers!​

Additional highlights from this week that you can talk with your child about include: creating a spring mural together, visiting the chicks hatching in the 3-Day classroom, music with Steve and singing a song about little eggs hatching into chicks, and Melissa‘s visit for Puddlestompers, learning all about frogs and toads. We loved acting out the life cycles of eggs hatching to chicks and tadpoles becoming frogs!

We were also happy to have Mia‘s grandmother Susan helping in our classroom and teaching us about sign language. We learned that you can say something without words! Susan taught us how to say: "You're my friend," "I love you," "Mama," "Daddy," "Eat," "More," "Playground," and many other words requested by the children! She sang "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" and "Crocodile Smile" in sign language with us, and we shared our song "The More We Get Together" in sign language with her. Thank you, Susan!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,

Kristi and Cathy

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