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5-Day: Blossoms, Nests and Seed Taste-Tests

This week has flown by! As we discuss spring -- how the weather changes, the air feels different, flowers pop up and birds come back -- we've also noticed how all things grow.

Some changes in the classroom happened at the tree mural. Egg carton flowers blossomed among some grass and paper plate leaves began to open.

Literacy connections were made at the sensory table, as the children found letters hiding in the eggs. They enjoyed placing them in ABC order and playing a guessing game, such as,"I have a letter with two sticks. Can you guess what it is?" This is also a game we, as a class, engage in during meetings. The children were encouraged to look at letters and how they are made with straight lines (sticks) and curves (bumps). An activity of picking a letter and finding it among the flowers also had the class visually deciphering how letters are formed as well as reinforcing the ABC order of our alphabet. We noticed how the children are independently writing their names at sign-in, another way of supporting this learning through practice.

We also explored math and science concepts through a fun taste test and experiential discovery. In looking at seeds we eat, each child could try a number of fruits and vegetables. We offered nine different options and most of the children tried at least four. We loved that a lot of them tried something new and liked it! As with most activities, there were many concepts and skills involved in the learning process. There were many discussions about the sizes of seeds. Who knew there are seeds in bananas? We found some tiny ones and compared them to an avocado pit. Also, seeds can be different colors, even if they are for the same flower and from the same packet. We wondered what would happen if you planted them? Would the flowers be different colors or the same? We learned that seeds can be inside a fruit, as with grapes, or outside, as with strawberries. While the children tasted, a teacher graphed the results bringing math skills into the fun. These seeds are in our garden corner for further learning with magnifying glasses.

Our grass plants are flourishing. The children experimented with two different types of seeds and it is very interesting how some grass is thick and tall, while some is thin and short. The class also had a fun, messy project of making birds nests. This project used yarn and glue to wrap around a plastic cup. Once it dried, there was a nest shape which could be used to put things in like a bowl. We had many discussions about how the birds do this with twigs and no glue. On Friday, there was a surprise! How did some chocolate eggs get in the nests?!

This is the time when many teachers look back over the year and realize the little children who came into class in September have blossomed and flourished. Their growth in confidence, independence, social skills and academic abilities has been wonderful to be a part of.

Our congratulations to the Cantwell family who has also grown with a new member. Welcome to Emily Rose. The class put together a book, with each child contributing a page, to celebrate her arrival.

Enjoy the spring break! When we come back, the class will look at recycling and life cycles. Also, a new Showtime will begin soon after we get back. Please check the extra clothing in the coatroom baskets. Your children have grown since September.

Thank you,

Kristi and Cathy

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