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Pre-K: Elephants, Eggs and Energy!

It was a busy week in Pre-K! We started with a chance to make new friends with our Aquarium visitors, which was a huge hit. Children learned about sea life that included sea stars, hermit crabs and mussels and actually got to touch many of them as well. We finished by examining our bouncy egg, which had us wide-eyed with wonder, but closed-nosed from the smell!

Language and Literacy

Although it was "Ee" week, we fielded a few requests to re-read If I Built A Car this week simply because it’s one of our favorites. Because we have been talking about how we can be creators and inventors, we asked the class, “What type of car would you invent?” Their answers were so creative!

Asher - It would fly wherever you type that it should.

Evan - It would go on ice.

David - It would be invisible.

Selah - It would make cupcakes and hot dogs.

Gracie - It would climb and fly.

Jack - It would be stronger than steel.

Haley - It shrinks and grows legs.

Lara - It can make sandwiches.

Jiyoo - It looks like Disney inside.

Nathan - It can change into a school.

Carter - It can drive on anything.

We also included manipulatives in our sight- and CVC-word practice. We used clothespins on popsicle sticks for short "e" CVC words (pet and men, for example), and we used plastic eggs to practice word families (hat, bat, cat…). Your children are TRULY reading. We are also continuing to use different sensory materials in which Pre-K can practice forming letters and words. While we always have children trace rough and smooth versions of our letter of the week on Mondays, we are also using shaving cream, sand, damp sponges on chalkboard and a variety of other materials for the class to begin to become more familiar with what writing feels like for their hands, wrists and arms.


Although it is not expected that children will know teen numbers in Pre-K, many in our class are already recognizing the majority of them. To build on that momentum, we hid teen numbers in plastic eggs, had children choose and open one, count out that number of pompoms and fill in that number of squares on graph paper. They did a great job! We will continue to play with teen numbers at various points during the remainder of the year. We also practiced our estimation and subitizing skills; Martine and I were impressed by both your children’s patience and their abilities to explain their thinking process.


At the beginning of the week, Martine began an "Eggsperiment" (experiment with an egg). She placed a raw egg in a covered jar of white vinegar. Throughout the week, children observed the changes with flashlights and magnifying glasses. At the end of the week, we had a shell-less, bouncy egg! This is an experiment you can easily replicate at home, but cover your nose when you finally open the jar up to remove the egg after the end of 4-5 days. For Science Friday, Martine and the children discussed the difference between “potential” and “kinetic” energy. They experimented with ramps, balls and cars to demonstrate the effect of gravity on different objects and the type of energy they generate. Try asking your children about some of the new words they have learned this week!


This week, Pre-K created elephant scenes! First, they watercolored their paper blue, then they made gray handprint elephants with paint, and, finally, they cut and glued green foam grass strips. Many noticed that if they positioned the grass horizontally under their elephant's feet it would look like the elephant had trampled it!

Finally, we are sending a big thank you to Nathan’s mom Leah, who read Jessica’s X-Ray to us. The children learned so much about what x-rays can show us about our bodies.

Have a wonderful and relaxing break, and we will see you on Monday, April 22!

Emily and Martine

Books included:

Into the A, B, Sea…

Elephants Cannot Dance


First the Egg

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