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Director's Column: Counting Down our Days, but Counting Up our Memories

Only two weeks left until the last day of school! Parents are starting to wistfully comment that it is their last parent help day, their last day bringing snack, their last tuition check, and it is beginning to sink in that I’m going to have to say goodbye to a lot of children and parents I have grown extremely fond of.

The incoming 3-Day, 5-Day and Pre-K families came in for classroom visits this week. I can’t help but remember meeting some of your children for the first time when they came for their classroom visits. They have all grown so much! They have learned the routines and expectations of the school day; they have formed new friendships and become curious learners, who love to question and explore the world around them. Every single child at this school should be proud of everything they have accomplished this year. I have seen your children beam as they show me something they have created, how they write their name, how high they can count or as they tell me about an act of kindness they have done for a friend or that a friend has done for them. Ask your child what they are most proud of!

The teachers and I will be soaking in these last few weeks with your children and enjoying them before they move on. The 3-Day class will soon carry out the Bowen tradition of releasing the butterflies they have raised out into the world. I know it will be bittersweet for the teachers and me to release the “caterpillars” we have been caring for since September, but we are confident they will thrive as they take on the challenges that await them!

Best, Nina

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