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5-Day: Looking Forward and Back

This was a bittersweet week in 5-Day. It's hard to move on, yet, exciting to look forward to new things.

Each child finished their book about themselves and looked back at some of the literacy responses they did throughout the year. We made special cards for our two wonderful Creative Movement coaches as well as our fabulous music teacher. Memories of songs, games, and books that were especially meaningful to the class were mentioned as they engaged in these activities. New materials were at some of the tables for exploration and to experience a different type of manipulative, which they may see in their new classes in the fall. Old familiar favorites were also brought out for comfortable sensory play.

We made popsicles for a Thursday treat on the playground. Folding fun with paper airplanes was a blast as the children had a great time seeing how far they could go, how long they would stay up, and whose went further. Our final day was all fun and games with Connect Four, Alphabet Launch, peg boards and unlocking numbers. There is no better way to finish a Friday than with Creative Movement!!

Thank you for an amazing year! We love each of your very special children and feel blessed to have had this year with them. The Bowen community is our second family, full of support and caring, and each day has been full of laughter and love.

Below are some of our favorite quotes from this past month:

"There was a technical problem with the blocks."

"I baked you a soccer cupcake."

"Do you know where I get my bug power from?"

"My birthday is June 24th. Next year it will be on June 25th."

"The babies do not go in the washing machine!"

"Ok. Enough with the barking now, please."

"If you put a belly in front of me, I have no choice but to tickle it!"

"We need some help to find some bugs."

"My sister can't have mango because she's allergic." "To mango?" "No, pineapple."

"I like your gingerbread leaf." "It's a dendron leaf!"

"Did you take college?" "Yes." "But first you had to drive a car."

"We need a marshmallow catcher."

"You just washed your hands then stuck your finger in your mouth. No you can't touch the cookies!"

Love to All,

Cathy and Kristi

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