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Pre-K: Thank You

Dear Pre-K Families,

It’s Friday afternoon as I write this, and I’m fully aware that we will all be seeing each other again in a matter of hours. And, even though you won’t be reading this until tomorrow morning, I’m still holding on to the range of emotions that Martine and I felt before saying goodbye at noon today. We are so incredibly proud of your spectacular children, and so grateful for the thoughtfulness and generosity that all of you, as parents, have shown to us and to our class as a whole this year. You have helped make it possible for each child to grow and thrive, but also to create a community in which each member is a considerate and empathetic individual - pretty amazing for a group of 5-year-olds! Each child contributed something special to our group and amazed us each and every day. Thank you for helping to make this year such a special one, and, please, PLEASE keep in touch.


Emily and Martine

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