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Director's Column: Welcome to Bowen - We are Thrilled You are Here!

Years ago, I read a Boston Globe article titled “Transitions are Difficult for Kids – and Parents.” I had to laugh, because, as I watch drop off at Bowen each day, I wonder, exactly who is finding this more difficult? I have lost count of the number of photos I have emailed to parents over the past few weeks to reassure them that the child that was left sobbing in the arms of a teacher is happily singing and playing with the rest of the class 10 minutes later. Often, these are the same children who have to be cajoled to leave the playground at the end of the day!

The parent who wrote this article lamented, “If only our kids knew what a cool new thing they were getting into, the anxiety might dissipate all by itself.” What we are seeing as we finish off our first full week of school is that the children ARE starting to see what a cool new thing they are getting into, and the anxiety is dissipating. On Friday, we successfully introduced our first special, Creative Movement with Coach John. It was amazing to see that, in just a few weeks, the children have become comfortable and confident enough to welcome change with excitement, rather than anxiety.

The important thing to remember is that children have a huge range of reactions to transitions, and all are totally normal! Some jump in with both feet and never look back. Others fight it every step of the way. Some children feel comfortable being right in the middle of an activity. Others want to hang out and observe for a while before they feel ready to join in. As parents and teachers, we can help our children by respecting their temperament. And, just when you think you know how your child will react to a certain situation, they’ll surprise you. The teachers and I understand that this is not just a transition for your child, but for your whole family. Thank you for making the first days of school such a pleasure. We are thrilled you are here and are looking forward to an amazing year!



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