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3-Day: Fun with Yellow!

Your children did a wonderful job adjusting to our shortened week. For those of you who celebrated Rosh Hashanah, Happy New Year!

We were surrounded by the color yellow, inside and outside, this week. On Wednesday, we read Atharv's favorite story, Jack and the Beanstalk. 3-Day planted yellow daffodil bulbs outside in the Bowen Garden, located on the playground. We told the children that they will need to wait patiently because we won't be seeing those daffodils blooming until spring. Our bulbs will sleep under ground until then.

We explored textures of yellow using yellow floam at our sensory table. Our art activity was a huge attraction, using glue brushes and all kinds of yellow collage materials. They are on display outside our room, so, please take a look on Monday!

We enjoyed music with Steve this week and everyone was so proud of us for doing such a great job at our first all school music class. 3-Day friends made their way into the big room, sat in a line, and participated, while following all of Steve's directions!

We sang about the sunshine this week: "Mr. Sun", "You Are my Sunshine" and "Rain, Rain, Go Away".

Luckily, the rain did go away for Friday. Coach John was so happy to play soccer with us outside!

On Friday, we read Charlie's favorite story called Chopsticks. The children used yellow markers and crayons fastened to real chopsticks to create a beautiful yellow collaborative piece of art. We put foam noodles in our discovery table and asked the children to use chopsticks to find all the yellow ones! We worked our fine motor muscles by picking up tiny, yellow pegs and placing them in small holes on our peg boards.

In our block area, we found some yellow road pieces and the children worked well together to create a roadway for the cars. Working together, resolving conflicts and problem-solving are some of the social skills we work on in 3-Day. We also talk about how we manage our big feelings. For instance, when a friend accidentally (or not so accidentally) knocks over your work, it can be frustrating. Mayson and I are helping the children to develop language to sort out these problems.

We hope all of you have a great weekend. Next week is another short week. We will be exploring orange and purple and will be reading Vivvy's and Nate's stories!

Karen and Mayson

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