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Director's Column: A Glimpse into the Wonders and Benefits of Pre-K

This week, I got to help out in Pre-K for a few days while Martine was out sick. Pre-K has a special place in my heart, since that classroom was where I began my career at Bowen. There is something wonderful about that extra year of preschool, where children can explore math, science, art, literature, and social learning, at their own pace, in a nurturing, no-pressure environment.

I got to make abstract art, go on a sensory trip both indoors and outdoors, play a rousing game of number bingo, and help children assemble small, medium and large squares in order to make art inspired by Josef Albers. To top off the week, I had my portrait drawn by one of the Pre-K students, in which I was depicted as blue with green hair. Around this time, many parents ask me if they should send their child to Kindergarten or have them do the Pre-K year. Having taught in that classroom, I admit I am slightly biased because I enjoyed being in there so much! I highly recommend taking the time to go down and peek into the classroom to observe choice time or a meeting. You can also get a virtual peek into that classroom by reading Emily's weekly newsletters. If you have any questions, please come talk to me, Emily and Martine, or any one of the Pre-K parents! Best, Nina


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