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3-Day: Wrapping Up and Moving Forward

This week, we happily finished our Favorite Story unit with Lorelai's, There's a Bird on Your Head. 3-Day played with Blue Jays and Robins nesting in our room. We also had a culminating color celebration this week as we worked on a collaborative 3-Day rainbow. The rainbow has been constructed with several different mediums including collage, stamping, glittering and painting (with brush and finger). Most children contributed to the project and we are looking forward to displaying it in our classroom. Our art table is usually a very popular morning choice. We strongly encourage children to participate, but not for every activity. Play is so important, and some of our friends are more interested in constructing, playing make believe, building railroad tracks or working with our manipulatives. Regardless of their daily choices, your children are working on their skills every day through play.

On Wednesday, we got a little spooky with some Halloween slime, filled with spiders and eyeballs. We practiced one-to-one correspondence by placing spiders on webs numbered 1-5. When children begin to recognize, match, and count objects, they are learning one-to-one correspondence. We will be working on this throughout the year. Our daily classroom count is a wonderful example of this concept. We ask children to stand up one-by-one around the circle; as we count them, our number becomes greater. We talk about our special number 16 when everyone is here at school.

These routines are so important for toddlers, and your children show Mayson and I that they are able to understand and they make us proud as they develop these skills. Hopefully, your children have talked about our classroom jobs. Each day we have a new line leader, a caboose, a weather helper and a calendar helper. We rotate through these jobs and explain to children that their turn will come.

On Wednesday, at the discovery table, we opened up three large pumpkins and let the children dig in. We used scoopers, shovels and our tiny fingers to pull out the insides and all the seeds. During our spooky snack time (eating jack-o-lantern clementines and ghost cheese sticks), the children watched as I carved a silly jack-o-lantern.

It was such a treat to see the children dressed up in their costumes for the after school Halloween parade. Mayson and I were quite impressed with the creativity and cuteness overload!

On Friday, we finished our classroom rainbow and put out some favorite activities. Next week, we plan to begin our new unit All About Me. We will learn about ourselves, celebrate our differences, talk about our feelings and explore our senses.

I was both surprised and so appreciative to find a Starbucks gift card in my mailbox this week as a treat for Special Visitor Day. This school is a very special place. Thank you!!

We hope you enjoyed the Fall Fête! The Bowen community always does an amazing job and it's always a great night.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Karen and Mayson

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