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5-Day: Everything Hallowe'en

5-Day had a fun, busy and engaging week! We celebrated the Hallowe'en holiday with lots of fun activities. Our room looked amazing with flying bats, paper chains, stuffed pumpkins and colored water beads in the sensory table.

We continued our exploration of math concepts through many activities this week. As the children created a huge paper chain using orange and black strips, we discussed measurements and quantification by asking ourselves how long it was, is it taller than a teacher and which color was next in the pattern. We especially enjoyed sitting on the floor with the children as they worked together, cooperated nicely, and gave each other paper and glue in order to put together their project. In another activity, the children practiced counting on, a precursor to addition, as they rolled a die to cover up a spider. With pattern blocks, they also designed nocturnal animals, learning by sight and touch how many sides a triangle, square, hexagon, and etc., has. Using a combination of senses deepens the learning experience and offers opportunities to learn in different ways. With candy corn, the children added teeth to Hallowe'en pictures (they did really well not eating them!). They also experimented with physics and the concept of capacity as they poured water beads into containers at the sensory table. The children spooned baking soda into beakers to create magic potions and, then, added colored vinegar with eye droppers. They even made candy corn disappear under a stream of vinegar drops.

We practiced prewriting skills by tracing lines from left to right with markers and spooky pointed fingers. We also decorated a Hallowe'en banner with stamps and pumpkins. The class used their fine motor skills to roll and cut playdough into shapes and, then, added acorns and sticks to make faces. The children printed the letters of their names onto squares then glued them onto a spider web. Many children noticed that they share many letters in their names with friends and that some names were longer/shorter than others. They also enjoyed putting together an ABC floor puzzle again and again and again!!

As always, we see many kindnesses during the day as they share, care and look after each other.


*Conferences are coming up on November 14

*Showtime begins on Monday November 4

Some books we read this week:

Little Blue Truck's Hallowe'en

Bats at the Ballgame

Cordoroy's Hallowe'en

Big Pumpkin

"Wow" said the Owl


Fox Explores the Night

Caroline and Cathy

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