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3-Day: Preparing for Thanksgiving

This week the children were very busy! We covered all five of our senses, and we talked about families and the holiday of Thanksgiving. Even though all of us may not celebrate the holiday, we are all thankful for so many things! You'll find out what your children are most thankful for on Monday when we send home a special project for you to treasure!

On Monday we talked about our sense of smell. The children each had the opportunity to smell: basil, pickles, romano cheese, apple cider vinegar, lavender and sunscreen. Their reactions, their adorable faces and their hypotheses were really sweet! The children also explored their senses of touch with our mystery balloons, each filled with mystery materials such as sand, laundry detergent, popcorn and baking soda. 3-Day used texture tools at our easel and made a really cool collaborative mural. They are certainly some interesting pieces of artwork for you to enjoy!

On Wednesday we introduced the concept of emotions. Through a variety of stories and activities, your children were able to identify and talk about their emotions. We talked about different scenarios and how one might feel in each. Both Mayson and I were very impressed! We even talked about the word jealousy and what being shy might feel like. Using mirrors, children were able to see what happens to your eyebrows and your mouth as you feel different emotions. We let children draw mouths and eyebrows on faces to experiment with different feelings.

On Friday we had quite a busy day! I'm guessing you had some pretty tired preschoolers Friday afternoon! In the discovery table, we decorated four large turkeys with feathers inserted into pieces of styrofoam. Mayson and I painted your children's tiny hands to make the traditional handprint turkey. (They are adorable!!!)

We had a very nice discussion about traditional Thanksgiving foods and helped to make some cranberry sauce for some families in need in our community. Cooking homemade cranberry sauce was a very popular activity! Some children poured ingredients, some children stirred and some got to take a turn walking to the Bowen kitchen to watch the cranberries "pop" . On Monday, we plan to make stuffing, which will then be added to special Thanksgiving Meal Boxes and delivered to a family in need so they can enjoy all the fixings of the holiday. It's really lovely when all the children from Bowen gather together to share what they made.

Both Mayson and I are so thankful for your children each day. The smiles they bring, their inquisitive minds and their loving personalities make for a very special 3-Day class!!! Thank you for sharing them with us! We will see most of you Monday before we break for the holiday.

Have a great weekend!

Karen and Mayson

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