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5-Day: Fun in the Snow and Gingerbread!

5-Day has been having a wonderful time exploring snow, both inside and out. Not only are we shoveling, digging and sledding outside, but, it also snowed inside! Since our snow day, the discovery table has been filled with snow. We measured with containers, scooped and played. Another day, the children used eye droppers and paint to color the snow purple, orange and green. Then, we noticed some reindeer had made their homes in the snow under the evergreen boughs. The children also used their fine motor skills to cut coffee filters into snowflakes, which now decorate our tree. The classroom was also “all things gingerbread” this week. We started by mixing wet and dry ingredients to make playdough. Once it was ready, they rolled out gingerbread families and decorated them with various materials. The dough was also great fun to use, making winter scenes with tree, snowflake and reindeer cutters. We baked gingerbread cookies in the dramatic play area to go with our hot cocoa and marshmallows. On the art table, the children created their own unique gingerbread men with buttons, sequins, googly eyes, and stix. We also kept busy with many counting activities, involving dice, matching die to numerals, and graphing. We continued our exploration of patterns by making a pattern paper chain with red, green and white paper as well as by decorating the classroom with candy cane patterns in sparkling red and white. We read many books this week, including some about gingerbread men, gingerbread babies and gingerbread girls as well as the last of our Showtime books. Friday was our gingerbread house decorating day. The classroom filled with laughter as the children designed their own holiday home with graham crackers and icing. Adding M&M windows, candy cane paths and gum drop trees was finger-licking fun! Thank you for the donations! Caroline and Cathy Some books we read this week: On Beyond Zebra No, David! Uni the Unicorn The Gingerbread Man The Gingerbread Baby The Gingerbread Girl

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