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5-Day: Fizzy Candy Canes, Floating Cranberries and "Fa-la-la-la-la!"

This week, 5-Day was filled with holiday cheer. The students were busy wrapping presents and decorating our Christmas tree in the dramatic play center. We had many different learning activities to supplement our Christmas theme, such as a holiday picture search, a memory game, gingerbread number salt trays, peppermint candy counting, jingle bells on Magna-Tiles, and fizzy candy canes. In our sensory table, we used our fine motor skills to pick up spice drops with tweezers, we used a balance scale to compare spice drops, cranberries and bears, and we played with floating cranberries. We were also very busy working on our "surprise" holiday gifts and practicing our holiday songs. You might hear your children singing, "Fa-la-la-la-la!"

This week, we also had your children write about their Christmas wishes! If you didn't already know, you're welcome! ;-)

Beneath my Christmas tree, I hope to see...

ISLA: a Jeep car

LUKE: a monster truck track

STELLA: a barbie cake maker

NICHOLAS: a red monster truck

GEORGE: a squishy dinosaur

MAE: a big barbie doll

REID: a garbage truck

SCARLET: some plastic Caimans

LIAM: a whale that moves in the bath

ELI: a Captain America shield

SLOANE: a tablet, nail polish, Barbie dream plane and a Paw Patrol tower

CHARLOTTE: a big and soft Christmas doll and a baby penguin stuffed animal

ARIYAN: a microphone

ROCCO: a robot

CECILIA: a giraffe stuffed animal

BLAKE: a camera

Next week is a short week. On Monday and Tuesday, we will be learning a little bit about Hanukkah and Kwanza. On Wednesday, we look forward to seeing you at our holiday sing-along and party!

Have a great weekend!

Caroline & Cathy

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