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3-Day: Snapshot of Shapes

3-Day continued our study of shapes this week. We had so much fun playing games and exploring all the different shapes. Some of your children surprised us with their knowledge of hexagons and even pentagons! We definitely embraced the basic shapes and feel your children have an understanding as they are now pointing out shapes in our school and our community! Hearing your children extend their learning makes us feel so happy and proud of them!

I took a moment during our "choice time" on Friday to make some observations of your children playing:

Charlie was snapping his cape getting ready to play Frozen with Natasha.

Emma was helping her mom feed paper into the paper crimper.

Jax was stacking the colorful geometric blocks to create a building.

Lilly was sifting through popcorn kernels, locating shapes and sorting them.

Lorelai was tossing bean bag shapes into the corresponding colored bowls.

Malia was dropping the community people from the block shelf without looking, then turning around to see where they landed.

Maddie was fastening rubber bands on the geoboards to create rectangles and triangles.

Natasha was playing Frozen with Charlie, wearing the sparkly Elsa shoes.

Nate was working on the rug, carefully placing puzzle pieces in the right spot.

Olly was using stamps and ink pads to make some colorful pictures.

Riya was finding tiny shape beads in the slime and separating them by color and shape.

Ruby was plating up some strawberries, cantaloupe and bread soup.

Simon was stretching the shape slime as high as he could reach.

Vivvy was working on her shape collage using glue and carefully adding a variety of texture and color.

Will was also working on his shape collage, carefully adding a small number of materials and strategically placing them on his square paper.

We hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Next week, we will be diving into the ocean, exploring tide pools with the New England Aquarium and celebrating life under the sea!

We also wanted to give you a head's up that on Friday, February 14th, we will be culminating our unit with a Bowen beach day. You may have to dig through those summer clothes to find some bathing suits or beach attire! We will make sure kids have sunscreen and sand toys.

Even though Valentine's Day is a wonderful holiday to celebrate friendships, we typically do not do valentines in 3-Day. If your child wants to make valentines for friends, we certainly do not want to discourage it, though. You may help your child deliver his/her valentines to classmates before school by putting them in the blue baskets outside our room. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Karen and Mayson

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