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3-Day: Our Trip to the Beach

Hi 3-Day Families,

Mayson and I wanted to thank you for helping us make today so very special for your children. We realize it was a lot to manage, finding summer clothing and bathing suits, Valentines, and bundling up for a freezing cold day. From the moment the kids walked through the door, though, you could feel the excitement. Each child was given a boarding pass upon entering the classroom. We boarded the plane and buckled up, closed our eyes and took off into the air. We had a little turbulence during our landing, but we made it to the beach just in time! Children enjoyed fishing, playing in the water, collecting shells in the sand, playing beach ball and relaxing on our towels.

We also added some Valentine fun and we hope you got the Valentines some of your children made today. We had a Valentine discovery table where children had to sort through shredded Valentine paper to find a special Valentine with their name. Your children are getting so good at recognizing their own names! Some are even starting to write their names all by themselves. Regardless of where they are at, Mayson and I support them and encourage them to grow at their own pace.

We hope all of you have a wonderful vacation week, spending time with family and friends. We will begin our unit on Outer Space after vacation. Please take a moment to collect all your sea creatures when you return to school.

Thank you for all the special Valentines today. Mayson and I really felt the love!

We took a lot of pictures this week. Hope you enjoy them!

Karen and Mayson

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